Remuda Run Service Details

Endurance 101 Clinics

Price: $300/mo, Plus board

Have an endurance prospect on your hands?  Want to skip right to the good stuff?  We will take your horse to the next level, and given enough time, to the highest level they can achieve, depending on your desires.  Your horse will be exposed to as much as possible while we get them to a superior level of fitness and prepare them for 25s/50s/75s/100s.  You will be surprised what just 1 month can do!

This service is also great for horses that have been there and done that but have been off for the winter, an entire season, or longer.  We’ll get them back in shape and ready to compete again.

Also a good option for someone wanting to sell a horse as an endurance prospect, we can get them ready for their next rider, and their first endurance rides.

Boarding varies depending on the horse’s needs, endurance training is very demanding so extra feed, supplements, blanketing, and hoof care are necessary.  Expect a minimum of $250/mo for the boarding of horses in endurance training.

Horses entering endurance training are expected to know the basics, if they don’t, we recommend our Colt Starting service first.