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Tennessee Lane CEI3* rider, trainer, and owner of RR (15Jun14)

Tennessee Lane CEI3* rider, trainer, and owner of RR

Having been born and raised on a warmblood farm and apple orchard in Virginia, and being raised by two parents who share a passion for horsekind, I can truly say that I’ve been around horses since the day I was born. My parents taught me to ride around the time I learned how to walk.  We rode both western and english, from cattle work to fox hunting.  My family moved to Kremmling, Colorado in 1989 where my love for horses turned into a love for rodeo, running barrels and poles as well as other gymkhana classics.  In high school, my equine career became one that revolved around the sport of polocrosse, but I also competed in draft-horse / driving events. As a sophomore in college I worked at Vessels Stallion Farm (home of First Down Dash), and over that summer, helped ‘break’ over 150 amazing quarter horses that would later race at Los Alamitos.

After receiving my Bachelors degree in Microbiology from CSU’s College of Biomedical Sciences, I pursued a PhD in Immunology, and worked in a BSL3 lab performing drug and vaccine research for the NIH and CDC.  Although I love research, the walls of lab seemed to get closer everyday, and for the sake of maintaining my sanity, I left the lab, got involved in endurance riding, started Remuda Run, and have been hitting the trail almost every day since. I think that my background in microbiology, mixed with my diverse experiences as an equine enthusiast, have given me a significant leg-up in understanding how to train and care for horses, as well as how to maintain horses in peak condition.

Over the past 10 seasons I have accumulated over 9,000 competitive AERC miles (not including over 1,500 LD miles,) with multiple Top 10 Tevis completions, many 1st places, Top 10s, and Best Conditions, as well as numerous Regional and National Awards, buckles, titles, 100-miler completions, and I’ve represented the Mountain Zone at multiple international team-championship rides.  I have been riding and training horses for as long as I can remember; it’s a passion as well as a profession…and perhaps a bit of an obsession.  The trails and the horses never cease to amaze and inspire me, the lessons and experiences they impart on us are endless, and priceless.

The pendulum of my endurance career swings from front-running and competition to training and starting youngsters for the sport.  As a result of relentless searching and due diligence, I have been lucky to find several promising horses each year, and after the usual hard time (blood, sweat and tears,) turn them in to solid endurance mounts, ready to start their careers under new owners.  I enjoy the challenge, and appreciate the various rewards that come with this task.  However, I know that ‘pendulum’ will continue to swing as my personal goals are ever-changing.  For example, I have recently turned over colt-starting, as I have found my time better spent finishing horses once they’re under saddle, and I have spent much of this year developing and promoting “SoCo Endurance,” and learning how to be a good ride manager.

Thank you Dian and Christoph, of Global Endurance Training Center, for introducing me to the amazing sport of endurance, for mentoring me in those first years, and for all of the continuing education and camaraderie that every competitive horseman so desperately needs.  Thank you also for blessing me with two magnificent horses that I will forever hold dear in my heart.

Endurance is not the only thing in my life, among several other business endeavors that keep me very busy, I also enjoy shooting sporting clays, hunting, snowboarding, trail running, traveling and just about anything outside, especially with my good pup Griff.  I enjoy an active, Paleo lifestyle and am a firm believer, with horses and humans, that you get out what you put in.  Thanks for taking some time to learn a little more about me, hopefully I will be able to match you up with your dream horse!  Please check out our endurance horses and services using the links at the top of this page.

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Tevis 2014 Haggin Cup Trot out, the morning after taking 2nd place

Tevis 2014 Haggin Cup Trot out, the morning after taking 2nd place

Tevis 2014, immediately after completing in 2nd place on "Shazam!"

Tevis 2014, immediately after completing in 2nd place on “Shazam!”

Shazam at the Haggin Cup trot out 2014

Shazam at the Haggin Cup trot out 2014