Remuda Run Services

Endurance 101 Clinics

Price: $300/mo, Plus board

Have an endurance prospect on your hands? Want to skip right to the good stuff? We will teach you all the basics so that you can start attending endurance rides safely and with confidence.
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Hoof Boot Consultation & Services

Price: $30+/-

Interested in going barefoot? Already barefoot? We are happy to talk to you about all things "hoof." Transitioning, diet, exercise, hoof care, maintenance and booting. We'll help you figure out what products will work for you, your horse, and your activities, and then we'll size your horse up and get them properly fitted.
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Horsehunting (Headhunting)

Price: 10%

Have you been looking for your perfect horse match? Looking for something extremely specific? Do you have set criteria that are hard to find? We will help you find the right horse. Contact us to let us know your criteria, and we'll do our best to find you the perfect horse to suit your needs. While we have a great assortment of endurance athletes available here, we also "keep tabs" on horses all across the country, and have a great network of connections in the field. We can "ping" our resources to see what bounces back and let you know if we find a horse that sounds like it might be perfect for you.
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