Remuda Run Services

Virtual Coaching

Price: $100/hr

Got goals? Need to pick Tennessee Lane's brain? Let's talk live - on the phone or via FaceTime or Skype. With tight schedules and travel budgets, this has become a very popular way to learn (versus an in-person clinic.) It's always a great idea to talk to someone with experience about... anything in life really, but if you're wanting to hit your next endurance milestone and want to be fully prepared, it's a good idea to talk to someone with experience. Whether you are going to Tevis for the first time or want to win it, maybe you're a "green-bean" or maybe you want to do a 5-day ride or start a colt or buy a saddle or a trailer or whatever! Let's chat. Don't waste time and money making rookie mistakes. Contact me and we'll schedule a time that works for both of us.
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Endurance 101 Clinics

Price: $350/full day

Are you an endurance "green bean" just looking to get your feet wet? Schedule a clinic with us to jump-start your endurance career and get off to a good start. 1 to 3 day clinics available, you will learn what you need to be prepared to go to your first ride confidently. Nutrition, tack, training, traveling, competition, camping, recovery... the whole sh'bang. There's a lot to it! Don't go to your first ride totally unprepared, get the low down from us and you will have a leg-up! NOTE: this is an endurance 101 clinic not a riding 101 clinic, we expect you to have basic riding skills if you sign up. Sorry, we do not offer beginner riding lessons.
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Horsehunting (Headhunting)

Price: 10%

Have you been looking for your perfect horse match? Looking for something extremely specific? Do you have set criteria that are hard to find? We will help you find the right horse. Contact us to let us know your criteria, and we'll do our best to find you the perfect horse to suit your needs. While we have a great assortment of endurance athletes available here, we also "keep tabs" on horses all across the country, and have a great network of connections in the field. We can "ping" our resources to see what bounces back and let you know if we find a horse that sounds like it might be perfect for you.
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