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Specializing in Endurance

Remuda Run home of the “Quarter-Quarter Arabian,” is a private training center located at the base of the Spanish Peaks (in La Veta, CO) that specializes in training arabians and arab crosses for endurance riding. Our breeding program focuses not only on physical performance, but on versatility. Over the past decade, our focus has shifted from speed and top-10ing, to producing safe, level-headed horses that can do much more than just endurance – but they can win at endurance too. Our youngsters are bred and born right here, and we raise them to be working horses, whether they are purebred arabians or crosses.  The “Quarter-Quarter” cross is 1/4 Quarterhorse, 3/4 Arabian. Perfecting this 3rd generation cross has been Tennessee’s goal for 2 decades, and the “Quarter Quarter Arabians” that her program produces, speak for themselves.
You will find that our mountain-bred crosses are a bit “bigger and beefier” than average, they have good minds, and they are ready to work – whatever the job. The performance of our endurance prospects is proven in the international realm as well as on our home turf.  Wether you want to do Tevis, perform at the FEI level, or just want a solid trail horse, we will help you find the right mount – even if it’s not one of our horses.

We breed 1 to 3 mares per year here, and believe in QUALITY over QUANTITY. Our youngsters are priced as reasonably as possible to cover expenses, and as they age and get more training and experience, you can expect to see their prices increase incrementally. Buying young is the most cost effective, but is not the right choice for everyone. If you see a youngster you like, we are happy to accommodate a “future training” option. This has been a popular option for buyers recently; it gives the new owner the experience of “bringing up baby,” without the stress of having to “break and train” their youngster on their own later. Bring them back as 3 and or 4-year-olds and we will get them going down the trail and ready for their first LDs for you.

Check out our affiliate, SoCo Endurance, an endurance ride venue here in La Veta that is hosting rides of all distances Fun/LD/50/75/100. Find out more about SoCo endurance at http://www.SoCoEndurance.com or find them on Facebook.

The Remuda Run Team:

Tennessee Lane: Founder, Owner, Trainer, Ride Manager
Reyes Gonzalez: Ranch Manager, Trainer