Zells Malarkey (Novice Qualified)

At a glance

  • Breed: Arabian
  • Color & Sex: Chestnut Gelding
  • Foal Date: 1-Feb-2010
  • Height: 15.1+
  • Sire: S W ZELL AHR*588408 Chestnut 2000
  • Dam: TUZLA - AHR*518480
  • Sire of Dam: *WIRAZ++ AHR*35792 Grey 1959
  • Sale: SOLD September 2017
  • 6yo Aug 2016

  • Old scar on the front of his left hind. Strictly cosmetic.


  • AHA Registration #666326
  • AERC #H52376


This is an Extremely Powerful horse who I believe has unlimited potential under an experienced and competent rider. Awesome conformation, very competitive temperament, point and shoot mentality, this horse wants to win. He’s got the front-runner mentality for sure, always wants to lead, so we’re presently working on NOT leading and being ok with the whole miserable following thing. His walk is insane, fastest walk on the property. He is an awesome leader, confident. Currently working on chilling the heck out at the start but he’s a freight train once you’re in cruise mode.
There’s no crystal ball out here at RR but I have to say that I truly think this horse has that kind of mind, body, and spirit, to Top 10 for a decade, he just seems like he’s in it for the long haul. Definitely a 100mile horse. He has now completed a handful of LDs with ease, including a 1st place finish and Best Condition carrying 260lbs like it was nothing. This horse is not for an amateur.

Note: He has an old (cut as a yearling) cosmetic scar on the front of his left hind- **see pictures for close ups.** It does not effect his soundness.