TTT Big Shooter (aka “Flex”) CEI1*

At a glance

  • Breed: Arabian
  • Color & Sex: Chestnut Gelding
  • Foal Date: 11-Jul-2008
  • Height: 15.2+
  • Sire: MRBLKMALABARKING AHR*582570 Black 2000
  • Dam: TTT FOXY FANTASTIC AHR*611753 Chestnut 2004
  • Sire of Dam: TTT TRIPOD AHR*588533 Bay 2001
  • Sale: SOLD Exported (CAN) 2015
  • Right after his 1*

  • Taken 15JULY2014

  • Taken 15JULY2014


  • AHA Registration #642274


Nickname “FLEX”

Flex is an awesome ride, very forward, LOVES to race, great leader, minimum spooks, shows great for the vet. He won the first 50 he ever entered, and is currently 3/4s of the way through his Novice Qualification. This spring, he will finish his Novice rides and begin with his CEI rides.
This guy pulses down fast, takes good care of himself at the vet checks, and has that forward attitude and big canter that begs for FEI attention. He can be a little hot at the start, and he’s on the bit throughout the ride (he does not lean on the bit but he is definitely present, in a good way, especially when cantering,) so he needs a confident, strong rider. He’s a little bit like riding a motorcycle with the throttle that’s stuck on “all-out” so if not ridden properly, he will fish-tail down the trail – however – if ridden properly, you can collect him up and keep all that power underneath you and in a forward direction, and you will both have a blast! A novice rider might experience a little rodeo, but a confident rider will absolutely love him!

As for the 2015 season, I intend to finish his Novice Qualification and take him straight in to a CEI1*, he’s more than ready. Please note that his price will increase with each qualification gained.

PS-he has done every race so far barefoot, so he is obviously sound and has great feet.

Good polish lines, pedigree includes Monarch AH, Wiking, Samtyr-Sambor-Czort, Bask, Aladdinn, Cognac, Probat, Fadjur, Trypolis, Kontiki… to name a few.