“Bluff” (T M Burning Bridges)

At a glance

  • Breed: Arabian
  • Color & Sex: Grey Gelding
  • Foal Date: 6-Feb-2007
  • Height: 15 hands
  • Sire: BURNING SAND AHR*350112 Grey 1986
  • Dam: SCARLET O SARA AHR*423833 Chestnut 1988
  • Sire of Dam: TIKI SAHIBER KU AHR*90476 Chestnut 1972
  • BC judging morning after 1st place finish in the SP100

  • 2016 Wahatoya Cup Winner

  • 2016 Kevin Myers Memorial Cup Recipient

  • Pictures taken 17AUG14


  • AHA Registration #630341
  • AERC #H51759


Bluff was Tennessee’s “Go-To” mount for years… until he unexpectedly went lame. Vets found a tumor in his front right fetlock. It was surgically removed at Littleton and neither the surgery, nor his recovery went as planned. After struggling for weeks at the hospital, Tenney brought Bluff home to a modified stall in hopes that she could get him weight bearing and walking again. It was a LONG ROAD, but we are VERY happy to report that Bluff is living happily in the pasture. Not 100% sound, but comfortable, and happy, he is a very loved, retired, champion.❤️
He not only won the “Wahatoya Cup” at the Spanish Peaks 100 with a lead of over 45 minutes (finishing CRI 46/44,) but he was also the first ever recipient of the coveted “Kevin Myers Memorial Cup,” for best condition.
Bluff and Tennessee finished 7th at Tevis in 2018. The heat and a wicked case of scratches made them give up their lead.
Bluff and Tennessee won the Big Horn 100 and took BC in 2019.
Bluff was retired in the spring of 2020 after his diagnosis, and lives fat and happy at Remuda Run.