“Dibs” (SH Noble Contender)

At a glance

  • Breed: Half Arabian (Half QuarterHorse)
  • Color & Sex: Buckskin Stallion
  • Foal Date: 12-Apr-2018
  • Height: 15.1hh and growing
  • Sire: Nobles Top Gun
  • Dam: Sage Hill Gwen (QH)
  • Sire of Dam: Slick Rock Turk (QH, Poco Bueno line)
  • Sale: LFG $850 AI Only


  • HAHR*1A379865


Breeding and competing stallion. SH Noble Contender, aka “Dibs,” is quite the handsome young gentleman. He is just getting started in endurance, ranch versatility, and more! His first foals were born April 2023 and we are very happy with their conformation, we will be breeding him as he continues to prove himself worthy. So far, he is physically and mentally exactly what we are looking for in a stallion.

For those of you interested in Pedigrees, his quarter horse Dam’s lineage traces back to a few names you may have heard of like Poco Bueno, Two Eyed Jack, Doc Bar, Silver Skip, Blondys Dude and Ben Hur, among other greats. His Arabian Sire, Nobles Top Gun, is strong on Serafix, Salon, and Naseem, his pedigree includes Padron, Proboj, Ofir, and Skowronek.

Our favorite cross is the 3/4 Arabian – 1/4 Quarterhorse, Tennessee calls it her “quarter-quarter” cross so breeding this stallion to your favorite purebred Arabian mares will give you this phenomenal “Quarter-Quarter-Arabian” product in the first generation! The 3/4 Quarterhorse – 1/4 Arabian cross has also become hugely popular in the working ranch, rodeo, reining, and versatility sectors, so breeding Dibs to your favorite purebred Quarterhorse mares will also deliver that perfect 3/4QH cross in the first generation.

GENETICS – Dibs can produce Buckskin, Palomino, Bay and Chestnut foals.
Rfactor Ee
Agouti AA
Cream nCR
Dun nd1/nd2
Silver nn
Champagne nn
Pearl nn
CA N/CA (Heterozygous)*
LFS N/N (clear)
SCID N/N (clear)
OAAM1 N/N (clear)

*Interested in breeding to Dibs? A genetic test is a prerequisite.
When breeding a mare for the 1st time, this is the best money you can spend, because you can find out if you will have a baby with genetic problems, and possibly avoid major heartbreak, not to mention the time and money savings. You only have to do it once (per mare.)

STEP 1: Go to https://www.animalgenetics.us/
Fill out the “Equine Genetic Test Form”
Under the test for genetic disorders, check the Box for the “Arabian panel.”
If you would also like to see what color the baby might be ahead of time, then under “test for coat color,” check the box for “color panel.”
Print this form and mail it, along with payment, and a zip-locked hair sample from your mare.

Step 2: Contact us at ride@remudarun.com and attach your genetic test results, and share information about your mare: conformation pictures and performance record. We will send you the breeding contract, and make arrangements to get your mare pregnant!

2022 Breedings to Dibs are:
To approved mares only
Live Foal Guarantee
AI only (no live cover.)

2022 Breeding Dates May 9th – 30th
Dibs will be standing for collection in Raton, NM at Mesa Vista Veterinary Hospital (MVVH)
Address: 1600 S. 2nd St, Raton, NM 87740
Phone: (575) 445-3912
During these dates, you may either arrange to have cooled semen shipped, or you may bring your mare directly to MVVH.
If you bring your mare, you can drop them off, and they will insure that they are cycled properly, and bred with fresh semen (not cooled.)
MVVH will bill you directly for the fees associated with your breeding, such as mare board, hormones, collection, or shipping etc.

Frozen semen will be available in 2023.