RRQ Flaashin FireFly (aka “Fly”)

At a glance

  • Breed: 3/4 Arabian (1/4 APHA)
  • Color & Sex: Chestnut Overo Filly
  • Foal Date: 27-Jun-2013
  • Sire: Blitzen Of Pico AHR*405635
  • Dam: Whistleddinn (Moxy) HAHR*1A353459
  • Sire of Dam: Im Whistling Dixie APHA*241185
  • Sale: $10,000
  • Showoff... She's sexy and she knows it.

  • 2yo Fly (2015)

  • 2yo Fly (2015)

  • Check out the badonkadonk on that 2yo!

  • Her Sire: Blitzen Of Pico

  • Her Dam: Whistleddinn (Moxy) Shown here on Cougar Rock Tevis 2012


  • HAHR*2A375091


Pictures taken at 12 hours old

Moxy’s first filly, opted to showcase some of her grandpa’s genes with her pleasantly unexpected splashes of paint!  Sired by GETC’s 16 hand arabian stallion Blitzen of Pico (whose get includes our very own Shazam and Razzle.)

“Fly” is the most muscular little tank I’ve ever seen, and she’s full of it.  Looks like she’s going to be a lot like her mama and we are very OK with that!

Why the double “A?”  We put two A’s in her name to honor her late sire’s Haat Shaat (pronounced Hot Shot) pedigree.  We named her Flaashin FireFly because we never have fireflies in Colorado but when she was born, there were fireflies flashing all around her stall, and with her bright white, painted belly, it just fit.  Plus she’s a little spitfire, she’s SUPA’FLY!