Remuda Run Service Details

Hoof Boot Consultation & Services

Price: $30+/-

Interested in going barefoot?  Already barefoot?  We are happy to talk to you about all things “hoof.”  Transitioning, diet, exercise, hoof care, maintenance and booting.  We’ll help you figure out what products will work for you, your horse, and your activities, and then we’ll size your horse up and get them properly fitted.

There are a LOT of factors that effect your horses’ hooves, if you are trouble shooting, we’ll do everything we can to help guide you in the right direction.

Boot fitting: We have a full EasyCare Fit Kit on hand so we can help you figure out exactly what size your horse needs in any boot style. -$10 for boot fitting on a trimmed horse, $70 for a trim and fit

Boot options: Not sure what style of boot is right for you?  We’ll help you sort it out, we keep several styles on hand here and have knowledge of those that we don’t use.  Come and let us show you the different styles, and get some hands-on experience about how they function, fit, wear, and how to put them on and take them off.

Glue-Ons: Need a set of glue-ons for an event?  Bring all your stuff (4 glue on shells that fit, one tube of sikaflex/gooberglue and 1 tube of adhere) and a trimmed horse and we’ll do it for you – $50 just make an appointment well ahead of time.  Need the horse trimmed too? No problem, $100 for a trim and glue job.  Sorry, we don’t sell boots or glues but we can definitely give you several options on where to acquire them.

Need something else?  Shoot us an email and we’ll figure it out.