The Performance Hoof

High Performance Hoof Care Clinic Taught by Christoph Schork

July 16th – 17th

Hosted by Remuda Run, just east of Ft Collins, CO

Who:   The purpose of this clinic is to help you learn about and understand: proper performance trimming techniques, a variety of available hoof protection products and how to fit them properly,  and most importantly, how to prep a hoof for glue-ons and the entire glue-on process (as well as removal.)  Get up to date and learn about all the awesome new stuff that’s changing the industry.  Everyone who is interested in learning about performance hoof care and hoof protection is welcome.  We will have professional farriers, trimmers, competitive riders, and non-competitive riders present.

Over the past months we have had many people approach us wanting to learn and master the glue-on process, we have given so many individual demonstrations at endurance rides, that we have decided to put on this clinic as an answer to those numerous requests.  We have also had many Farriers and Hoof Trimmers take interest in learning the glue-on process, this clinic will be perfect for a farrier to attend, so that you can start offering glue-on products to your clients.  We know your schedules are busy, so to make it easier, we have decided to do 2 half days, Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.  It would be best if you can join us for the entire event, but you will take home a lot even if you can only join us for one day.

Fee: $175 per person, snacks and drinks will be provided Thursday and Friday and we will have tapas and wine Thursday evening for a social “Happy Hour.”  ***We are offering a single day fee if you can only make it for one day, $90 for either Thursday or Friday, includes the Thursday night party.***

Directions: Please click the “Contact” link at the top of this website and scroll down for detailed directions that you can print out.


Thursday July 16th
11am Welcome
12pm Presentation: why choose barefoot?  Why choose boots and Glue-Ons?
1pm Hoof protection options, Sizing and fitting
2pm Trimming the performance horse, demonstrations
3pm Prepping the hoof for glue-ons, demonstrations
4pm Glueing on the Original Easboot Glue On, demonstrations
5pm Q & A
6pm Social “Happy Hour” Thursday night, everyone is welcome.
Friday July 17th
9am Hands-on trimming and demos
10am How to “Tape On” an EasyBoot Glove
11am Gluing on the EasyShoe, demonstrations
12pm “Hands-On” Q & A, glueing equipment etc
1pm Adjournment.

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Please bring your folding chair and trimming equipment if you have them.  Thanks!

Accommodations:  There are plenty of accommodations in Windsor or Ft Collins.  We recommend hotels on the east side of Ft Collins on Harmony or Mulberry.  There is also plenty of nightlife for those interested, restaurants, bars, movie theaters etc.  Downtown Ft Collins (on the North end of town on College Ave,) is very easy access, it has it all plus shopping.  For those interested in a quieter scene but still want access to great restaurants etc, try Windsor.  Any of those options are quick and easy commutes.

About Christoph Schork

  • 28,000+ Life Time Endurance Racing Miles
  • 275+ 1st Place Finishes (WORLD RECORD)
  • 120+ Best Conditions
  • 100+ 2nd Place Finishes
  • Quilty Gold Cup winner, 2007
  • Overall Region Champion in
  • 1999, 2000, 2002,
  • 2005, 2006, 2010
  • Middleweight Region Champion in 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010
  • 2003 & 2009 Mountain Zone PanAm/NAC Team Member
  • Since 2004 National Equestrian Team Member
  • 1993 World Champion Ski Archery
  • High Altitude Mountaineer

Christoph Schork trains himself as hard and consistent as he does the horses. He has been a Ski Instructor for over 20 years. The last 13 years he has been teaching skiing, training his horses for endurance racing, ride and ties, climbing and flying, in Jackson, WY and Victor, ID.

He was one of the top instructors at Jackson Mountain Resort and teaches the Steep and Deep camps offered throughout the ski season. He has climbed and skied all the major peaks in the Tetons and Wind River Mountains. He and his faithful dog, Tilley, have been published in a book, Teton Skiing: A History & Guide to the Teton Range, by Thomas Turiano.

He started his career in the German Army at the ripe young age of 20. During these years he dedicated himself to learning the mountaineering skills it would take for him to climb mountains in the 25,000 ft range (without oxygen of course!) and then ski down. He’s done incredible ice and rock climbing, high altitude mountain expeditions and kayak river exploration all around the World. Once out of the Army he headed to the United States and the mountains of Park City, UT.

While he was in Park City, UT, he taught Alpine Skiing, was a Ski School director at Jeremy Ranch Nordic Ski School, and participated in two new sports, Ski Archery and Ski Joring. It was there he met Olympic and World Archery Champion, Ed Eliason, who was pioneering the sport of Ski Archery (Archery Biathlon) and became Christophs mentor in Archery. Christoph showed Ed some techniques in cross-country skating. Together they were the nucleus for the rise of the sport of Archery Biathlon in the USA. Christoph went on to win 5 National Championships and the 1993 World Ski Archery Championships. In addition to this, he won the Ski Joring event thanks to a fast horse, his skiing capabilities, and bold rider.

His interest in sports, horses and wild countries led him to work for several years as a guide for Boojum Expeditions. Mongolia has always fascinated him. He has guided several horse riding and river trips, throughout Mongolia and Asia. Mongolia has a special place in his heart, with the beautiful wild country, the Mongolian history of Genghis Khan, and the nomadic lifestyle of the Mongolian people.

To add to his incredible list, he is a top endurance instructor (whether it is riding, biking, running or skiing), flight instructor, glider instructor, Farrier, and Realtor.

Christoph has been researching hoof development for the last 20 years. Working as a farrier in Idaho and Wyoming before moving to Moab, Utah, he studied domestic and wild horse hooves. Constantly on the search for answers on how to improve the health of equine hooves, Christoph traveled to Australia, Europe, Central Asia, North and South America to learn from veterinarians and Equine Hoof Specialists. He is a student of Pete Ramey, Professor Robert Bowker, Dr. Brian Hampson and Professor Chris Pollitt.
For many years he shod horses with metal shoes before learning about the benefits of polyurethane horse shoes. In 2003 he started to import Equiflex horseshoes from Germany to the USA and maintains the largest Equiflex distributorship within the USA.
Working closely with EasyCare in research and development of hoof boots, he is publishing monthly blogs about hoof care, trimming and hoof protection. He travels frequently within Northamerica and all over Europe  to teach Hoof Care Clinics and demonstrates hoof trims and hoof boot selection for training and competition. Christoph also refined the art of gluing hoof boots using Vettec glues of various kinds.
Christoph is as much a student as a teacher of hoof care. Because of his vast worldwide experiences and researches, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the art of hoof care and offers the opportunity to share this with all of you.
Christoph is based out of Moab, UT, where he and Dian Woodward have the Global Endurance Training Center.  Check out their website at